Our state-of-the-art technology is unmatched in the Real Estate Closing Industry.

One of the most significant features of our specially designed software is the information that goes out to the Buyer and Seller. We call the information our Pre-Framing and it contains detailed information about the closing process, documents, and requirements. It educates these parties about matters such as title insurance, hazard insurance, and property surveys. We have received an overwhelming response to the information provided in our Pre-Framing from Buyers and Sellers who feel a little more confident knowing what to expect, and from Realtors and Lenders who receive fewer calls from anxious clients who have no idea what will be expected of them.

Letters are delivered to the Realtors, introducing the name of the representative assigned to their file, direct telephone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses for all of the employees of the firm, and a map to the offices.

The Lender is offered several options in ordering a Title Search. The traditional method of faxing a Title Order continues to be available, but we have expanded the options to include emailing the request or requesting it on-line via our Web Site. Order Titles Here>>>. Immediately upon receipt of the Title Order, the information is loaded into our network and a remarkable process begins. A series of letters are automatically generated via email, fax, or postal service to the Buyer, Seller, Agents, and Lender that confirm the order, request the necessary information, inquire into the need for a property survey, and generally inform the party what he/she may expect to encounter during the procedure.

We have created an in-house Title Agency called Augusta Title to do all of our title searches. Primarily, the Title Agency was formed to increase the accountability and reliability of our title searches but it became clear that the greatest reward was how we were able to integrate the title search into our entire closing process. By being connected to our network, Augusta Title is able to receive a Title Order the instant it is entered into our databanks and the parties are able to constantly check the status of each order and look at the final results the minute it becomes available to the Closing Attorney.

Few firms have the technological capacity to generate the extensive Pre-Framing information, but The Law Offices of Sam Maguire does not stop there! We want to continue a dialogue between all of the interested parties and our staff to assure that all questions have been answered and that all concerns have been met. By encouraging constant personal and interactive communication, we know that a smooth closing is almost assured. To this end we established this WebSite. Aware that a website must offer more than a marketing site for the firm if people are to visit more than once. We have included several useful functions. The Lender may transmit a Title Order and even log on later to check on the status of the search and finally to actually review to Title Commitment. A Realtor may also have access to the Title Commitment. The Buyer and Seller can review generic versions of the closing documents that they will be signing. We also routinely write informative and useful articles about the real estate market and loan transactions in our state.

The transmittal of loan documents has become vastly simplified by the availability of digital processing. We are capable of receiving an entire loan package either via email or through any medium that transmits digital documents in a matter of seconds. We are no longer delayed by waiting hours for a courier to pick up and deliver the document package. As soon as the information has been entered into the Lender’s computers, a simple click of the mouse results in the documents being instantly transferred to our network. The hours saved allow more time for issues to be resolved prior to the closing, resulting in less delays.

Once the closing documents are received by our post closing department they are scanned into our imaging system. This is an immensely valuable tool allowing copies to be transmitted at the touch of a button to the borrower, seller, realtors and lenders upon demand. Rather than waiting for hardcopies to be pulled from shelves or storage, information can be transmitted almost instantly.

Clients are kept “in the loop” even after they have left the closing table by receiving emailed updates. When the closing package and payoffs are shipped via overnight service, tracking links are sent to the interested parties.

Our investment and commitment in technology is designed to make sure your closing is as smooth and pleasant as possible. It is our hope that after your closing you would enthusiastically recommend "The Law Offices of Sam F. Maguire" to others.