Congratulations on procuring an offer for the sale of your property!

We will need your help with the following items in order to close your transaction:

Loan Payoff Information
We need the payoff information on your current mortgage. We will send you a “Request for Loan Payoff Information Form," or you can open this Adobe file, “Request for Loan Payoff Information Form” and fill out the form, and forward to us. This form will be used to contact your present mortgage lender(s) in order to prepare them for the payoff. Please return this form as soon as possible with your loan payoff information. We need the name of your company, the telephone number, your account number and your social security number. Many companies require a 3-7 day turnaround, therefore it is very important that we get this information to order your payoff as soon as possible.

You can fax the “Request for Loan Payoff Information Form” to: 404-257-9771
or mail the form to:
The Law Offices of Sam Maguire, Jr., P.C.
4840 Roswell Road
Building E, Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30342

Legal Description
Please refer to your warranty deed for your property’s legal description. Please fax us a copy of the deed. If you have a survey on your property, please fax it with the legal description.

Home Owner’s/Condominium Association Contact Information
If your property has a home owner’s or condominium association that has mandatory dues, please fax or call us with the name and telephone number for the association. It is necessary that we receive a letter from the association either stating that all dues are paid current or indicating to prorate all dues appropriately.

If there is a divorce, bankruptcy, death or other title problems which may affect this closing, please notify us immediately. Please indicate the potential problem and have contact names and telephone numbers prepared so that we may research any issues.

Please bring your drivers’ license (or other photo i.d.) with you to closing, as identification. If the seller is corporation, we will require you to bring both the corporate resolution and the corporate seal.

Funds To Close:
If you are required to bring funds to the closing, the funds must be certified (i.e. cashier’s check, money order, wire).