The Firm

Philosophy and method of operation!

There is more than one interested party in a loan transaction, yet they all share one overriding common interest, to close in a timely and efficient manner. As a loan officer for a major lender for more than a decade, and a closing attorney for even longer, Sam Maguire has unique insight into the varying concerns that lead to this common goal. Sam’s vision has been to create a Closing Boutique that caters to all parties -- the Buyer and Seller, who may have anxiety over an unfamiliar process; to the Realtor, hopeful for a smooth and trouble-free closing; and finally to the Loan Officer, concerned all final conditions have been met and their client's transaction will resolve to the satisfaction of all.

The Law Offices of Sam Maguire have found a way to juggle these varying interests and consistently meet everyone's expectations. By fully taking advantage of the power of computing software and the Internet, we have created a seamless method of organizing the data necessary to close a loan and inform each and every participant about their own particular concerns throughout the process. We invite Buyers, Sellers, Builders, Realtors and Lenders to visit our "Technology Section" for a detailed review of how our state-of-the-art-system streamlines the closing process for all involved.

All of the technology in the world means little without a staff dedicated to customer service. This has become a cliché in the industry and everyone professes to be interested in serving the needs of their clients. However, there is one secret ingredient that will guarantee a firm’s success in this regard. Happy employees are more likely to consistently provide good service with a positive attitude. It is not unusual to hear our clients ask us what Sam gives his employees that makes them so “nice” or “happy” much of the time. It is no secret among the staff why we enjoy working here; we actively participate in improving ourselves. Employees are strongly encouraged to be innovative in improving our services, therefore many of our efforts on your behalf are due to the suggestions of our own staff. We share a common desire to help, to communicate, and provide value to the Buyer, Seller, Builder, Realtor, and Lender.