Lucy’s Bio

Ask any of our life long clients or many visitors what they remember about our firm and you will probably hear any number of responses ranging from complements about our staff to how easy the closing experience was for them. However, a more personal and touching thread that will run though those comments is Lucy. She was our beloved “mascot” and closing companion for 9 years. From greeting clients to making sure our pre-closers got their exercise on daily walks, she added a presence to our office that will never be matched.

Lucy, a beagle, was proudly owned by Sam for many years before The Law Office of Sam Maguire opened its doors. In the beginning, not knowing better, Sam would leave for the office without Lucy at his side only to return home to find her exhausted from her many attempts to follow him. Lucy knew that Sam needed her if his firm was to be a success. After months of her tireless appeals, Sam’s sister, Sissy Fitzgerald finally made him understand the shortcomings that Lucy could fill.

From early 1995 until her death in early 2004, Lucy worked selflessly to lift our spirits and bring us smiles. Those of us who knew her will never forget her.