Commercial Developers, Realtors and Lenders can also take advantage of our expertise in Commercial Real Estate Closings.

In addition to residential real estate closings, The Law Office of Sam Maguire also specializes in commercial real estate closings. Please contact our Commercial Closing Attorney for more information.

Our separate commercial closing division is as fully automated as our residential department, and we offer additional advantages to the commercial originator.

Our commercial closing fees are among the most competitive in the industry.

Due to the unique requirements of a commercial loan transaction, an attorney is assigned to each commercial file from beginning to end. The commercial attorney takes a hands-on approach to the file, coordinating the title order, pre-framing the clients, pre-closing the file, and finally, handling the closing.

It is this personal touch that has kept our commercial clients coming back time and again.

Discover the difference that The Law Offices of Sam F. Maguire can make for you.

Contact Our Office to set up your Personal Commercial Account with us today!