"Our employees have so much fun together"

They celebrate birthdays together!

They do photo shoots together!

They do crafts together!

The act silly together!

They dress up for Halloween together!

They play with babies together!

They bring their dogs to work together!


The Holidays

The Holiday Bash at Sam's house had a great turnout and everyone seemed to have a good time. Sam not only flew-in a huge shipment of oysters, he also flew-in the worlds number one oyster shucker, K.C. The oysters were great and the wine delicious.

The Employee Christmas Party that followed that evening was also a big hit. Great food and fun was enjoyed by all.

It was quite a poetic evening!


Some of us had way too much fun!


After the presents were shared the dancing began. If you missed this one, please come join us next time.
John danced at least once with every girl.


Maguire Bowling Night

Big turnout for
Friday Night
Maguire Bowing!





Such style and grace!
No, we're not talking about Sam

What do you mean that wasn't a strike?

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words!


What a great time!